Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

The winter can be many different things to those of us who live in Edmonton.  But there is one thing we can count on year after year, the cold and flu season.  Each year we have many of our staff sick with colds or the flu.   One of the main defenses against both colds and flu’s is cleanliness.  Washing your hands frequently and staying home when you feel sick, are chief among them.  But it doesn’t help if the work environment is not as clean and sanitary as it could be. At The Cleaning Command … [Read more...]

Office Cleaners In St Albert

Is the office dirty when you get to work?  Do things crunch under your feet when you walk across the office?  Do you have to wipe the dust off your computer monitor just to see your work?  If so call The Cleaning Command.  We can relieve the mess stress your feeling. Daily, weekly or monthly, we can find a time that suits you and your schedule. … [Read more...]

Cleaning Clinics And Health And Wellness Offices

With our natural, healthy cleaning products The Cleaning Command, located right here in Edmonton is a logical choice to do the daily, weekly or monthly janitorial cleaning for your massage, acupuncture, clinic, dental office, doctors office, or other health and wellness space. We use all natural cleaning solutions and green cleaning options to ensure not only is the space clean, and healthy but is environmentally friendly as well. Remember to call The Cleaning Command if you are looking for … [Read more...]

Commercial Cleaning Services In Edmonton

There are a lot of choices in Edmonton for Commercial cleaning companies.  Which one do you chose?  Do you go for the big name one, or the small mom and pop shop?  What you need to look for is the one that will offer the best service no matter how big or small the job.  The Cleaning Command offers services that range from daily, weekly and monthly.  We also offer annual carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing floors and many other services. Bathrooms, Windows, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and … [Read more...]

Cleaning Industrial Kitchen Floors

At the Cleaning Command we can service industrial sites, cleaning Kitchen Floors, Cafeteria Floors, Gym floors and more. If you require weekly monthly or yearly cleaning contact the Cleaning Command. … [Read more...]

Janitorial Services For Churches And Community Halls

Everyone thinks of professional janitorial services as only cleaning government buildings, offices and retail stores.  At the Cleaning Command we clean a variety of institutions and business.  Many of our customers include Churches and Synagogues, community halls and other public areas.  Big or small the Cleaning Command will accommodate all your needs.  Remember we offer Quality Service and Major Results. … [Read more...]

Janitorial Services Edmonton

Advantages and Disadvantages to Commercial Cleaning Getting the help of expert cleaners both has its own benefits and downsides. Although they are well-experienced as well as very skilled in proper cleaning and disinfecting commercial establishments, you can expect a few disadvantages once you hire one. Commercial cleaning services are generally obtained to keep an establishment organized, clean, presentable and germ-free. Since they give good quality cleaning services, you can’t assume … [Read more...]

Stripping And Waxing Floors

One of the services we provide to our customers is stripping and waxing commercial floors, usually on an annual or semi-annual basis.  We will strip the old wax and apply new wax to protect the floor as well as make it look new and make your office or retail space look great for both customers and staff. At The Cleaning Command here in Edmonton we specialize in keeping your commercial space clean, healthy and looking great for both customers and staff. … [Read more...]