Recycling | Janitorial Services in Edmonton

It seems like everyone is trying to be green these days.  Companies try to go paperless, they support green community efforts and most offices and workspaces have recycle bins at their desks and large blue commercial recycle bins sit outside most buildings.  Yet most workplaces we clean do not have a set recycling policy and most people do not use the blue boxes and bins that are available the way they should.As professional cleaners and janitors we often find cardboard boxes filled with … [Read more...]

Avoiding Flus & Colds | Cleaning Tips

It’s the cold a flu season once again and staff members and customers are always coming into the office with the sniffles or a cough.  It doesn’t take long before everyone is coming down with something.  Not only are workdays lost to sickness, but morale suffers when everyone is under the weather.Did you know that some viruses that can cause a cold are able to survive indoors on hard surfaces for up to seven days, although their ability to cause an infection quickly drops, often surviving … [Read more...]

Quality Janitorial Services In Edmonton

When we purchase a car, a pair of shoes or even a winter coat, we look at quality.  Yes we all want a good price, and are always on the lookout for a great bargain or sale but in the end we will pay whatever the price to get something that is good quality.  The same is true for services, we will pay the cost of car repairs or pay a higher wage to get a talented worker, because we need the service and we want the best bang for our buck.   Yet it always amazes me that for most offices, condos, … [Read more...]

Commercial Janitorial Services In Edmonton

When you’re looking for a janitorial service you want a company that is going to look after your interests and do the job they are being paid to do.  Too often service companies lose sight of what it is they are supposed to be doing and the job doesn’t get done properly.  Employees mail in their effort, doing the minimum to get by and not taking the time or making an effort to go above and beyond.   The Cleaning Command is a commercial janitorial service that knows its roots, knows what it’s … [Read more...]

Janitors In Edmonton

One of the things that amazes me when talking to a customer is that they take what I say about our products to be absolutely true, and never ask again what it is we are using to clean up their work space. Even though we pride ourselves on the integrity of our company, and try to emulate the highest standards when dealing with our customers, you still shouldn’t take me at my word.  I wouldn’t take you at yours, not for something like that.  We are using cleaners in a work space that your … [Read more...]

Janitorial Services In Edmonton

One of the most requested services we encounter is dusting.  Everyone is looking to have the desks, shelves, monitors and public areas dusted on a continuous basis.  Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it?  Just wave your duster around the room and move on to the next one.  Well unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.   When dusting you have to have a process in place and use it every time.  Starting at the desk, moving up towards the file cabinet or the book shelves then the overhead light is … [Read more...]

Find A Good Commercial Cleaner In Edmonton

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  Fire up Google, type in “Find a good commercial cleaner in Edmonton” and wait for the solution to pop up on the screen.  Except when the search is complete there are pages and pages of different commercial cleaners to choose from. As I’ve said before, just because a business pops up on the first page of an internet search doesn’t mean it is the best or even the right one for you.  Every business these days is working hard at landing on the first page of an … [Read more...]

Good Commercial Cleaning Services In Edmonton

When you’re looking for a commercial cleaner you need to look beyond just the one or two things that have to be done on a regular daily or weekly basis.   Experienced, professional commercial janitorial services will do much more than just clean.  Most small mom and pop shops will clean your commercial space on a regular basis, and for the most part they do a great job.  What the small one and two man companies don’t do is all the extras. They may sweep and mop the floor, but can they strip and … [Read more...]

Im Looking For A Janitorial Service

A google search for janitors will bring you a large diverse list of people, companies and services at the touch of a button. But how do you know which one to choose from?  Just because they are at the top of the list on the first page doesn’t mean they are the best one to use, it just means they have a better IT strategy than the rest. The best way to look for and hire a janitorial company is to know exactly what it is you want.  If you know what it is you want cleaned, what duties you want … [Read more...]

Finding A Janitor In Edmonton

For most small and medium sized business in Edmonton, finding a janitor is not very high on the priority list of things that need to be done and money spent on. Most businesses can convince an employee to stay late once or twice a week and vacuum, empty trash bins and other assorted duties for a few extra bucks a month.  Or the owner, especially one who owns a small business will do it themselves.  Of course the main reason for this is cost. Many small or medium businesses can’t afford to pay … [Read more...]