Health & Wellness Industry Cleaning

The Cleaning Command specializes in cleaning and sanitizing wellness facilities and health clinics in Edmonton.You can expect:
  • Our colour-coded microfibre system to reduce cross contamination
  • Microfibre mops and cleaning cloths to minimize the amount of disinfectant required
  • Proper disinfectant and dwell time
  • HEPA filter vacuums
You most likely know that your office is a breeding place for germs, particularly during cold and flu season. But what you might find surprising is just how quickly and how far those germs can spread throughout the office reaching up to 60 percent of workers, visitors, and commonly touched objects within just four hours. Those commonly touched objects can include everything from door handles to beds and massage clinics.Call us today for a quote on our health and wellness sanitizing services.
Did you know? While we strive to use green cleaning methods as often as possible, our healthcare cleaning technicians use disinfectants that are needed to kill the range of harmful microorganisms that have the potential to thrive in these special environments.Health and wellness facilities have early/late hours; we accommodate your schedule, budget and special needs. Give your clients the gift of health in a clean, sanitized facility. Contact us today.