Commercial Cleaning Tips.

I thought it time we put a little of our expertise out for everyone to use. Both workers and employers need to communicate and sometimes all’s it takes is having a suggestion on how to change things. For the cleaners it helps keep the job/contract and for employers it save having to look for new cleaners and hope they get it right. I have been in the cleaning business for over a decade and it’s gotten to the point where I cannot walk into a commercial building anywhere in this town without … [Read more...]

Tips For Cleaning Schools During The Summer Months

Tips For Cleaning Schools During The Summer Months Students and teachers consider summertime a season for resting and socializing. However, for the janitorial team, this is the busiest time of the year. Summer is the perfect time to do deep cleaning in the building because there are no kids present. Though the school is cleaned every other day, summer is the opportune time to thoroughly clean those hidden places and maintain the compound in general. This is a lot of work involving many people … [Read more...]

How To Beat Change Blindness When It Comes To Commercial Flooring

Change blindness is a phenomenon that has been extensively studied for different purposes, even eye witness accounts in court. It occurs when a change is so subtle and gradual that it goes unnoticed. It is usually illustrated using one image that has been altered so that it is difficult to notice the changes. Images used for 'spot the difference’ games in kids’ magazines are a good example of change blindness.In commercial janitorial services this is a challenge that flooring experts … [Read more...]

Why don’t I just clean the place myself?? Week 1

When talking to the owners or managers of small and medium sized businesses about building maintenance and janitorial cleaning work, we often have people tell us that it’s easier and less expensive to just do the work themselves.  After all how hard can it be right?Well if it’s just a couple of offices, and there are only one or two people in those offices, and you can take the trash out on your way to the car, then it’s probably not too hard at all.  But if you have a shop, or retail space, … [Read more...]

Relieving Pain Points Week Three

Last week we talked a little bit about what it takes to relieve the pain points or fix the problems that office or property managers face when it comes to getting their commercial space or office space cleaned.To finish up from last week here are a few more ways we can help out our clients.Staff kitchens usually need a lot more cleaning than they get from the staff.  As professional cleaners one of the biggest health hazards we encounter are staff kitchens.  Many offices have a small … [Read more...]

Pain Points. Week Two

Last week I talked about some of the ways that viruses and flu bugs can slow productivity with your staff.  Now I want to concentrate on some of the other areas that often require a bit of out of the box thinking on our part.General areas, those open spaces throughout the office or commercial space, are the first impression that people get of the business and are what the staff sees in great detail.  Dirty, grimy, worn out or dusty public spaces, and general areas can do more to harm staff … [Read more...]

Relieving Pain Points

Relieving pain points!  Sounds like something your chiropractor should be talking about, not your cleaning contractor.  But believe it or not that is exactly what cleaning contractors do; we relieve your pain, your problems, help you get things fixed.  Now I`m an old guy and years ago, when I first had to do sales we called it problem solving.  We would figure out what our customer’s problems were, and we would help them solve those problems.  These days everyone loves ``buzz words`` and pain … [Read more...]

Sprucing up the office for spring

With all the great weather we are getting this month everyone is starting to think about getting some spring cleaning done.  People are sorting through all that accumulated junk in the house, getting ready to send it to the garage sale, to Kijiji or just out to the trash.  Buckets and mops and wash cloths are being readied to start washing the walls, windows, floors etc .Get your office cleaning Edmonton service here.Believe it or not offices, retail and commercial spaces are no different.  … [Read more...]

Safety First

One of the many challenges for any employer is to ensure the health and safety of their employees.  In this regard The Cleaning Command is no different than any other company big or small.  Work place safety has rightly become a very important part of everyday life.  Employees should know that whenever they get to the jobsite they will be working in a safe and healthy environment regardless of what type of work they do.But how do you, as an employer make that happen?  After all, no matter … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Office Floor Clean | Office Carpet Cleaning

One of the more obvious problems we encounter as professional cleaners is dirty, muddy, salt covered floors in almost every entryway and reception area we see.  Edmonton is a winter city and we spend the better part of six months every year dealing with snow and ice.When staff and clients come into your office the first thing they tend to do is stamp the snow pack off their shoes or boots and then head off into the office itself.  What happens is that the snow melts on the entryway matt and … [Read more...]