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Are you looking for a cleaning service Edmonton? We are providing our expertise throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff. It is our goal to provide our customers with environmentally sound, trustworthy, and high-quality work and our customer satisfaction record shows just this. When a client visits you, you want to make the best possible first impression. This can be done by keeping a well-maintained space. Cleaning Command are here to help make that first impression a lasting one. With regularly scheduled cleanings you can make sure your space retain the same professional appearance as you do for the rest of your business.

We are the #1 choice for people looking for a commercial cleaning Edmonton company.

Our Safety Plan

It is not only our responsibility but our duty to ensure our workers leave the worksite safe and healthy each and every day.
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Our Green Plan

We are committed to using the most effective green products on the market
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Our Services

Let us be your choice for professional cleaning services. We take care of the cleaning so you can concentrate on your most important job: serving your customers.Commercial buildings rely on a clean, inviting appearance to attract visitors and customers. Our janitorial service Edmonton ensures that entrance areas, lobbies, common areas, waiting rooms and washrooms are kept spotless to showcase your company and uphold the public perception of your business.

Our Technicians

Our cleaning technicians are trained and frequently evaluated to ensure work is always completed in the efficient, safe, high-quality manner for which The Cleaning Command is known.While each industry has unique cleaning requirements, all of our clients can expect deep cleaning of
  • Common areas: entrances, lobbies, staircases, elevators
  • Washrooms
  • Windows
  • Touchpoints
  • All floor types
    • Ceramic tile
    • Porcelain tile
    • Vinyl composition tile (VCT)
    • Terrazzo
    • Linoleum
    • Carpet
We provide one-time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly commercial janitorial services. Whatever your needs, our trained, professional, uniformed staff provide the care and attention to detail that your business demands.We seek long-term relationships with our customers and understand the high-level of service and communication needed to make this possible. Contact us today to have a cleaning package tailored to your needs.When you are looking to hire a commercial cleaner here are a few things to remember. If they quote you the lowest price or one of the lowest prices, chances are they are either a small mom or pop operation, or they pay almost nothing to their employees.  Either one of these situations can become a problem.  First mom and pop shops are not a bad thing, but with small family businesses if someone gets injured or sick you run the risk of not having all the work done all the time.  Or if their quote comes in well below industry standard they may not be paying their employee’s very much.  Aside from being wrong, the problem with employee’s that are not paid well is that if they are not making much money they may not be too motivated to do the job you are paying their employer for.